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Cedar Breaks

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The Majestic Beauty of the Cedar Breaks Amphitheater

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Cedar Breaks Vacation

Highway 148 to Cedar Breaks is closed each winter due to snow.

Cedar Mountain is an outstanding addition to your Southwest vacation plans. Rows and rows of aspens and evergreens cover the forested lands from the junction where Highway 89 and Highway 14 meet to where it ends in Cedar City. On Cedar Mountain, senses fill with the stark contrast of white barked aspens and dark pines. Add to this, the Imposing semicircular coliseum of Cedar Breaks and you have an excellent vacation.  Add to that camping, streams, lakes, cycling, hiking, photo opportunities, and you will realize that this is a place where you're going to want to stay awhile.

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Cedar Breaks and Cedar Mountain Vacation

This tour of spectacular "Canyon Country" will take you to Cedar Breaks, Dixie National Forest, Cascade Falls, Navajo Lake and Duck Creek.

From the east side of Zion National Park drive 20 miles north on Highway 89, to the intersection with Highway 14. The drive up Cedar Mountain is forested and stocked full of impressive sights. Follow Highway 14 to the intersection with Highway 148 and take the road to Cedar Breaks.

Cedar Breaks National Monument

Cedar Breaks National Monument has one huge amphitheater compared to its nearby counterpart, Bryce Canyon, but what an amphitheater! The colors, pinnacles, fins, spires and buttresses of Cedar Breaks are equal to, if not surpass those of Bryce Canyon in beauty. Cedar Breaks National Monument is a completely different trail environment from the rocky jagged landscape of Bryce Canyon trails. At Cedar Breaks the elevation soars to 10.662 ft. and the landscape is alive with blooming flowers and wildlife.

Cedar Breaks Scenic Rim Drive

The 5 mile rim drive leads to four view points: Point Supreme, Sunset View, Chessmen Ridge and Specra Point. Each has its own beauty and is something to include on your tour of Cedar Breaks.

Cedar Breaks Visitor Center

The rustic visitor center is located at Point Supreme, which is perhaps the best view point at Cedar Breaks.  The visitor center at the monument is refreshing for those who enjoy the preservation of history. The small log cabin, the same building constructed by the Civilian Conservation Corps in 1937, is chock full of books and maps. Cedar Breaks offers daily geology programs on the hour between 10 am and 5 pm. These are held from late May through mid-October at Point Supreme.

Suggested Cedar Breaks Hiking Trails

Be sure to take the time to hike the Alpine Pond Trail. This easy 2.1 mile loop winds about the sub-alpine forest. Firs, Engelmann spruce and wildflowers galore adorn the trail.  The path ends at a nice pond that is frequented by friendly wildlife.

Spectra Point & Wasatch Ramparts Trail
This is a 4 mile moderately difficult loop that starts at Spectra Point. The path goes through an old growth forest where the Bristlecone Pine grow. One tree at Spectra point is over 1,600 years old.

Note:  There is far too much to see in Dixie Forest and Cedar Breaks in one day.  To fit into the time limit of one day suggested activities include:  Cedar Breaks scenic drive, Alpine Pond Trail, Cascade Falls Trail and be sure to stop at the pull-outs on Highway 14.

Lodging - Return to the east side of Zion for lodging for the night and get ready for a trip to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon in Northern Arizona. An 85 mile trip from the junction of Highways 9 & 89 or head to the Grand Staircase National Monument first. The entrance is right in Glendale on the east side of Zion National Park.

Cedar Mountain Vacation

Dixie National Forest
Leave Cedar Breaks National Monument and drive back down Highway 14 toward East Zion and stop at the pull-outs along the road.

Zion Overlook
This is great scenic overlook. In the distance is the Kolob Terrace, towers of Zion National Park, Gooseberry Point, Virgin River Canyon, Deep Creek and Crystal Creek.

Bristlecone Pine Trail
The trailhead is immediately west of the turn-off to Cedar Breaks.  Watch for  the small brown USFS sign. This is a short hike to another nice view of Zion National Park in the distance.  The oldest living thing on the earth is along this trail, the Bristlecone Pine Tree.

Navajo Lake View Point
Located at the top of Cedar Mountain, where the air is cool and brisk, and the view seems to go on forever. The view of Navajo Lake looks like something out of a fantasy book. 

Cascade Falls
Turn at Navajo Lake and follow the dirt road to find the Cascade Falls trail. Cascade Falls is an easy, fun half-mile hike over looking the the Markagunt Plateau. The vast lands of Dixie National Forest are seen all along this trail. The trail ends at at wooden ledge overlooking a unique desert waterfall situated in jagged red rocks. This is the head of the North Fork of the Virgin River.  This trail can be walked or biked. 

Navajo Lake
Navajo Lake Loop Trail and the Virgin River Rim Trail) - Walk or bike the Navajo Lake or Virgin River Rim picturesque trails. Bike rentals are available at Navajo Lake. The Virgin River Rim Trail is an incredible single track bike trail that bicycle enthusiasts rave about.

Duck Creek and Duck Lake
This is a trout fisherman's paradise.

Cedar Breaks Vacation: Canyon Country

Zion National Park Map

Red Canyon - Dixie National Forest Cedar Mountain - Dixie National Forest Zion National Park Coral Pink Sand Dunes North Rim of the Grand Canyon Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument East Zion Welcome Center Bryce Canyon National Park Cedar Breaks National Monument Scenic Byway 89 Scenic Byway 14 Scenic Byway 143 Scenic Byway 12 Scenic Byway 9 - Zion Mt. Carmel Hwy Zion National Park Lodging Zion National Park Lodging The road to Cedar Breaks usually opens late in May. It will close sometime after November, when snow levels force its closure.

Naturalist NotesNature Notes

Wildflowers pop up all over the mountain sides and meadows of Cedar Mountain. Natural selection has allowed the sturdiest of flowers to live and flourish in this high elevation forest. The delicate petals, stamens and ovaries that draw our attention have evolved to help wildflowers flourish. Think of it as seduction of the insect. The little creature is lured to the beautiful pastel petals and picks up pollen. The pollen is then delivered to another flower for pollination.

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