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Websters Flat - Cedar Mountain

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Aspens all fall colors are abundant on Cedar Mountain
Red Canyon

Cedar Mountain
Scenic Byway 14

It would be hard to find a place in America that compares with the grandeur Zion National Park possesses. Here in Southern Utah, where the sky is usually clear, and the landscape is breathtaking, lies an unsurpassed masterpiece of nature. Zion National Park is the most incredible scenic and hiking experience that can be found in the United States.

East Zion is the "heart of southern Utah's national parks and national monuments"!

The East Zion area is often called the "heart of the parks" and for good reason; a glance at a southern Utah map will reveal a tourist paradise here. From the east side of Zion Park it is only a short drive to the other scenic attractions of Southern Utah and Northern Arizona. From the junction of Scenic Byways 9 & 89, Bryce Canyon National Park is 60 miles, Cedar Breaks National Monument is 45, the entrance to the Grand Staircase National Monument is in Glendale is 10 miles and the North Rim of the Grand Canyon is 95 miles. The Zion Narrows is perhaps the most famous slot canyon in the US, but East Zion is host to some of of the other incredible slot canyons in Southern Utah. Tour guides offer jeep tours to some of the slots hidden within the BLM boundaries and there are also some gorgeous self guided slot canyon hikes in the Grand Staircase such as Lick Wash and Willis Creek.

Southwest Secrets

If you enjoy scenic drives, your wish will be granted as you drive through the incredible scenery along Scenic Byway 9, the main highway that runs through Zion National Park. This road is also called the Zion Mount Carmel Highway and runs from the South entrance of Zion Park to the junctions of Scenic Byways 9 & 89 on the East side of Zion Park. Scenic Byway 89 offers some spectacular trails as well as a breathtaking cruise along towering monoliths. Take the time to get out of your car and enjoy the view from the many pull-outs along the Zion Mount Carmel Highway.

Cedar Mountain Vacation: "Route 89" Tour

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Cedar Mountain Recreation area in Dixie Forest is just a short drive from the east side of Zion National Park.

Naturalist NotesNaturalist Notes

Mule deer are some of the larger animals found in this area. One of the main characteristic is their large ears. The antlers of the mule deer branch and then branch again once more. In the winter the mule deer sheds it antlers and within a couple of weeks begins to grow a new set.

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