Climbing and Canyoneering in Zion National Park

Climbing, Canyoneering in Zion

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Zion National Park

Rock Climbing
and Canyoneering in Zion

Angels Landing is the target for many expert rock climbers visiting Zion National Park. The Zion Canyon Shuttle lets tourists off to take a peek, where they often see rock climbers scaling the face of Angels Landing.  There are a few routes in Zion that involve a bit of climbing along the hiking route. Examples are Bridge Mountain, North Guardian Angel, West Temple and Lady Mountain.  Bouldering is also popular in Zion. There are two popular bouldering sites in the park. The Bunny Hop Boulder is about the size of a bus. It's located near the south entrance of the park. Another boulder, Drilled Pocket Boulder, is located about a half-mile past the south Zion Park entrance, on the west side of the road. Zion is known as the canyoneering mecca of the world. Even average hikers can explore the fantastic Zion Narrows Trail.

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Canyoneering (canyoning) term used to describe the action of making ones way through a canyon which involves climbing, swimming, scrambling or rope skills. The person going through the canyon is called a canyoneer. Many canyons used by canyoneers are found in the Southwest with the majority of them in southern Utah and Arizona. Zion National Park has some of the most famous slot canyons in the world, including the Zion Narrows. Some of the other canyons in the park include: The Subway, Orderville Canyon, Mystery Canyon, Keyhole Canyon, Behunin Canyon, Pine Creek Canyon, Das Boot, Englestead Hollow, Spry Canyon, Lodge Canyon, Icebox Canyon and Kolob Canyon. Just outside the park boundaries are Birch Hollow, Fat Man's Misery and Parunuweap. If you are new to the sport of canyoneering, you can explore Shelf Canyon, Clear Creek, and other easy and short little slots in the park. Every visitor to Zion needs to hike at least a partial section of the great Zion Narrows. Start at the top and hike the entire 16 miles, or start at the end of the Riverside Walk and travel as far upstream as you desire, then turn around and come back the way you came in. Canyoneering Guide

Zion Narrows

The Zion Narrows is not a technical slot canyon, but after hiking all the way from Chamberlains Ranch in East Zion to the end of the Riverside Walk in Zion Canyon you will know you have indeed done a 'slot canyon.' This is the hike of a lifetime for many hikers. At times the path involves swimming and although once in a while there is a break from river hiking, most of the trail is in the river. The soaring walls of the narrows and mystical lighting make it a magical hike.


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Private vehicles can travel SR-9, from Zion's south entrance, out the east entrance (or visa versa) to the junction of SR-9 & US-89 year-round, 24 hours a day. See tunnel restrictions for Oversized Vehicles. In summer the only access to the Scenic Zion Canyon Drive is via Zion's shuttle. During the winter private vehicles can travel in the canyon. Exact dates the shuttle runs may vary.

Zion National ParkNature Notes

Lady Mountain was once one of the most popular trails in Zion National Park. It was constructed in 1924 and dismantled in 1978. Prior to 1924 climbers would scale it wall to the peak. The trail was steep and rough when compared to today's trails. Injuries occurred and even two deaths. This led to the parks decision to removed the chains and ladders and to quit advertising Lady Mountain as a trail. Today it's an un-maintained route, which a few bold people dare to tread each year. 

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